Artisanal Canarian fishing and especially the fishing of the Red Tuna in the Canary Islands have been the source of inspiration for Trecepeces Fuerteventura. In his small exhibition, he gives memory to the work of many families of fishermen of the island like the family Hernández Trujillo, whose history we have supported.

The bigeye fish, known in the Canaries as Red Tuna, is 100% artisanal, selective and sustainable. The exclusive use of the unique hook guarantees fishing with respect to the marine environment. The tuna is caught one by one. But in spite of the sustainability of the method, Spain bet more by the industrial extractive modality and the peninsular traps, distributing a minimum part of the European quota to Canarias.

The small and picturesque fishing village of Ajuy boasts of being the first piece of canary land that emerged from the sea, making it a perfect place to visit and discover. Here, in a small fisherman’s house facing the sea, you can enjoy the best views while you know some curiosities about artisanal fishing on the island. The exhibition, with free admission, is a tribute to the canary fisherman.