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We are a business of the Fuerteventura Network

Trecepeces is a local registered trademark created in 2014. We are a travel souvenir shop for Fuerteventura and more specifically for travel souvenirs from Ajuy, a small fishing village of about 80 inhabitants far from any urban centre. Ajuy is spectacularly beautiful and represents the origin of the Canary Islands. It is the first piece of Canarian land that came out of the sea and is known for the geological and touristic interest of Las Cuevas de Ajuy, a protected natural space that is accessed through a spectacular fossilised dune.

We are especially linked to the sea. On the one hand, the brand is inspired by the way of life of the local fishermen, more specifically the Hernández Trujillo family, artisanal bluefin tuna fishermen in the Canary Islands. In Ajuy, in an old fishermen's house in front of the sea, owned by this family, we began our story. On the other hand, we work with the jayos, which is a Canarian word that represents everything that the sea gives back and that should not be there.

We make handicrafts and decorations with the jayos. We started out going to the beaches to collect them ourselves, but now we are a kind of recycling point. Friends and neighbours in the village know about it and when they come across marine litter they bring it straight to us. In just a few years, the type of rubbish that is returned to the sea has changed a lot. We find more and more plastic and less and less wood.

Reusing and recycling these jallos is our small way of raising awareness about how we are leaving our seas. Behind every jallo there is a story, the sea knows it and that is why it gives it back to us, so that we can give it a second life.
Discover with us an authentic fishing village. Its corners, its sunsets and its beaches. A walk to the caves that marked the beginning of the Canarian archipelago, a swim in its black sand beach, at the foot of the Cantil and its fossil dune. Enjoy our gastronomy in the restaurants with fresh fish of the day. Stay and watch the sunsets that will surprise you. Stay in any of the holiday homes and receive the best treatment offered by their owners. Get to know some curiosities of the fishing culture in Trecepeces Fuerteventura and take home some souvenirs of your trip. Buen Paso, Los Charcones, Playa Jurado. Ajuy is much more than you imagine. 

Discover the authentic Fuerteventura in Trecepeces

It's not just sun and sand, it's passion for the island.

icono Explorar Ajuy
Explore Ajuy

Fuerteventura is characterised by its spectacular natural landscapes and Ajuy is a good example of this. It has a special beauty that leaves no one indifferent and for this reason it is very popular. The Caves of Ajuy, the fossilised dune, Madre del Agua, the hermitage of Las Peñitas, Los Charcones, Playa Jurado... Ajuy is much more than you imagine.

icono Conoce su historia
Get to know its history

Ajuy, apart from being a beautiful fishing village, is the geographical place that represents the origin of the Canary Islands. The first volcanic eruptions of the archipelago were formed here. There are visual traces of how the area has been created layer after layer, eruption after eruption throughout its natural history. In Trecepeces you can get to know part of the history and culture of this village.

icono Pueblo pintoresco
Pueblo pintoresco

Visit the caves that marked the beginning of the Canary archipelago, enjoy a swim in the black sand beach under the fossilised dune and the Cantil, which represents the village. Recharge your batteries in our typical fresh fish restaurants. Explore its landscapes and fishing culture. Stay in its holiday homes and let yourself be surprised by its sunsets and tranquillity.

icono Llévate a casa un souvenir único
Take home a unique souvenir

En Trecepeces puedes encontrar recuerdos de tu viaje a Fuerteventura y a Ajuy con los que nosotros nos identificamos. Desde diseños propios de la marca local que creamos en 2014 a otros diseños fabricados o acabados en la isla. También seleccionamos artículos que representan nuestra forma de mirar el mundo, con los que buscamos sorprenderte.

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